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Reply Dathan Judah
8:20 PM on January 28, 2016 

It feels good to know the truth!

Reply Dathan Judah
8:13 PM on January 28, 2016 

May Yah Bless and Keep you near....Shalom

Reply Angie from KC
8:07 AM on November 21, 2015 
Reply Annie Israel (Gad)
2:20 AM on November 10, 2015 

this is best time in my life because I know exactly who I am according to the Holy Bible. 

I am Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of Gad.   

ever since I were 10 years old I knew I were one of Moses people because TMH told me and I always knew that I had to keep the commandment of The Most High.

When I were 18 years old I draw Jesus and color him according to Revelation 1:13-15 and my classmates thought that TMH were going to hurt me or kill me I tried to explain to them that Jesus were a black man and they thought I were CRAZY.  

Now I am older and The Most High has put all of piece together.  AND this is the TRUTH and that's WHY I AM LOVIN this learning more about my heritage. 



Reply Cheryl - DC
11:34 AM on November 18, 2014 

The information posted in this sight is truly a blessing to me.  I had some questions about which tribe I belonged to, the high holy days, etc.  I am very thankful to have this sight to view and share with my family to continue our journey in the truth.  All Praises to the Most High!!!!

Reply Beyta israel
2:46 AM on October 12, 2014 

shalom this sister yeta stopping by to say mhncb hope all is well and happy feast of tabernacles love you all mhncb

Reply keijo
8:39 AM on April 19, 2014 

God we love that serve and  obey and find his wisdom and the living waters well in Christ by faith and believe that we  will find the riiver of milke to flow in us today by Christ and be sowing our seed are very well great pleasure ,thanks and bless and pray,keijos weden

Reply Waiting on my Name
8:19 AM on December 30, 2013 


Thought for Edification

The Word of The Lord is medicine to my flesh! Thank you Brethren for the countless hours spent in The Word, and the Boldness by which you speak! People say the Law ended with the Old Covenant, at the Cross or with Grace...BUT why then was the Prophesy of Deuteronomy 28:68 being fulfilled AFTER the Old Covenant, AFTER the Cross and AFTER Paul's message of Grace? And why are we yet under the misery of Jacobs’s trouble? Because THE LAW NEVER ENDED! If the Law was abolished, the penalty for breaking the Law would likewise be abolished.



Reply Darryl Bankston jr
2:19 AM on August 22, 2013 

Shalom royal family just stopping by again on your page to get more info .glad to be here shalom :D

Reply Sara
9:09 AM on August 16, 2013 


Like your page. Is there a Iuic group in the Europe?

Thank you in advance.

Shalom...Thanks For Stopping By!!!