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                  **African Presence In Early Asia**

Edited By: Runoko Rashidi

Co Edited By: Ivan Van Sertima

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                        "The Two Babylons"

By Rev. Alexander Hislop

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**The American Thanksgiving: Rejoicing In Genocide And White Supremacy 

By Glen Ford

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(Proof That The So-Called Native Americans-Latino Fit The Description Of Israelites(Read) Deuteronomy Chapter 28..)

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***************Judea Trembles Under Rome*************

By Rudolph R. Windsor


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**************************** Sex And Race Vol.1****************************

By J.A. Rogers


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**********************The Antiquities Of The Jews************************

By Flavius Josephus

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************************ The Wars Of The Jews****************************

By Flavius Josephus


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*********** "Zondervans Bible Dictionary" Upholds Bible Truth That                  So-Called Blacks(Negroes) Are Not  African! ***************



(The Above Excerpt Is From The Zondervans Compact Bible Dictionary)





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